new Freddy pants from the autumn / winter 2019-20 collection , that is NOW® and NOW® Yoga, and we had the lighting! Because the truth is that we are used to inconvenience, to manage our jeans in such a way that we pass over all those occasions when we would simply like to tear them off! Because Freddy embodies well-being and freedom , and these pants prove it to us!

NOW® trousers: because they will make you fall in love!
The NOW® are casual trousers with 5 pockets in bi-elastic jersey with a denim effect . They have a belt and invisible belt loops that highlight the waistline. They are slim fit with both regular and skinny bottom and accompany the silhouette without forcing it and taking our breath away. Being elastic,

it will seem to you that you can make any movement by wearing them, and you can easily combine them with sporty but also very casual and streetstyle garments. In short, beautiful and comfortable: what more do you want? For example, we used them during a normal working day in the editorial office: sitting for a while in front of the PC, but also ready to get up 10 times to run from one meeting to another. Never have we ever had the uncomfortable feeling that you can feel with certain pants when you have a dynamic working life. We’ll show them here combined with a glittered T-shirt that we fell in love with!

And those NOW® Yoga? What are the differences?
NOW® YOGA trousers perfectly reflect the value of freedom that Freddy expresses and of which he is the flag bearer. Always 5 pockets, skinny bottom, it is high waisted but very versatile: just turn up the band that makes it high waist and turns it into a comfortable trousers with a regular waist . This also in bi-elastic fabric, has no zippers and buttons, which is why (as you will guess from the name) it allows us to easily pass from a quiet walk with friends to a sports session , fitness in the gym as well as a lesson of Yoga. We are completely in love and ready for any #ImpossibleMovements! One of our super sports colleague tried them, she loves running in the gym after work, but does not have much time between work and the start of the fitness class. What happened? Who brought them home and never gets rid of them again!