Let’s start with the fundamentals: there are must-have clothes that cannot be missing in our wardrobe and that come to our aid on any occasion, guaranteeing us to show off a look worthy of note without too much effort. These are evergreen garments that never go out of fashion and that lend themselves easily to different mix & matches , giving rise to the most varied outfits , from the most classic and elegant ones to the most informal and casual ones.

Let yourself be guided by your personal taste and not only by the trends that are in vogue at the time. Often the trends promoted by the season are not compatible with our taste or do not enhance us properly. Also being aware of your body and enhancing it properly with the right clothes is a great way not to miss the wrong look and always feel at the top. So have the courage to exclude from your wardrobe fashion trends that you don’t feel are yours, even if you see them on anyone.

Trust what you feel when you look in the mirror : it will always remain the best parameter to make no mistakes and choose what really values ​​you. At the same time though, try toget out of your comfort zone a bit and try to try on clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear: you could surprise yourself and find you love them madly! In short, a right mix of healthy certainties and love for novelty, letting you be guided by the only true criterion that matters: your personal judgment.